“A place for everything” (In & Out)

An online program that will improve the well-being and order in your life

Are you having one (or several) of these feelings?

Do you feel that you are running like a crazy from one place to another?

Do you feel overwhelmed & that you have too many things in your head and around you?

Do you feel exhausted, tired, ready to explode with the slightest thing that happens to you?

Do you feel that there is not issue and you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel?

You cannot stop crying, yelling, being angry, feeling lost, …?

What if you take some time to learn simply, how to stop with all the bad feelings you have?

It is the right time then to stop. Take a deep breath and start this online program that will help you to put everything in your life at the right place (inside your mind & outside, around your)

With this online program you will learn to see things from another angle/perspective and you will see how when you give a place to everything you have, things/thoughts regain their original value and their real importance!

Everything in its place and a place for everything” is a saying that we use a lot in our countries and our cultures. But nowadays, with the stress and the excess of information & things we must handle each day, this saying has become a necessity. Knowing what place and priority to give to the things and the experiences we have in our lives has become a survival issue.

Over 50 accompaniments and people who have managed to put “everything in its place (In & Out)”. Through this online program you will invest in yourself and you will get:

  • 5 concrete videos with the keys to putting things in their right place.
  • Lifetime access to training.
  • Support 7 days a week (response in months of 24 hours – 48 hours max)

“A place for everything” (In & Out)

An online program that will improve the well-being and order in your life

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Well Being Organized by Eli Puerta - Academy

Our mind is bombarded every day with news, situations, information that in many cases overwhelm us and make us feel under pressure. Returning home should be the happiest moment of our day, but in many cases it also becomes another reason for pressure and stress because our homes today are in most of the cases the reflection of the excess of information and things that surround us.

For many people, the famous “home sweet home” does not produce so much happiness and joy due to the disorder and chaos that reigns in our homes. It is time then to take some time and follow some basic steps in order to find the peace and tranquility we need.

To go from chaos to harmony, from sadness to joy, from darkness to light … you just need to make a simple, good decision

This online program will give you the necessary bases to begin to reconquer that place of peace and harmony that we all must-have.

Thanks to this unique program you will be able to:

Are you determined and ready to change this situation?

Are you ready to change things and put some order in the world (your world)?

Are you motivated to invest the necessary time and effort to change things and put everything in its place in your life?

If the answer is yes, then this program is for you.

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67 €

See the Transformation

Follow a simple path, do the necessary exercises and you will learn the skills and aptitudes to have everything in your life in its right place

Everything in its place” (In & Out) is an easy to follow online program that was created to give you the basic and practical formulas to apply to have an organized & happy life.

The online program “Everything in its place (In & Out) contains an Introduction video following of 3 video lessons with a PDF document, that contains the exercises to follow for each lesson. As well as the Evaluation video.

You can access at any time (and from everywhere) to the WBO Academy in order to log in to the online program and follow the lessons at your own pace. The WBO Academy is an easy, simple learning platform that has a place where you can leave your comments, questions, and ask for support when needed. You can see as well your progression on the program and go back & forward to every video/lesson whenever you wish it.

Program Outline

Welcome Module

Our roles in life and our current state

Lesson 1: Commit to yourself and keep only what makes us happy

A commitment to the most important person in the world: you

Lesson 2: Visualize our ideal life & Take action

Dare to dream big and move forward step by step

Lesson 3: Accept chaos & Follow a specific order (By categories)

Prioritize important things

Final evaluation & follow up

Keep the good practices and learn from the mistakes

“A place for everything” (In & Out)

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67 €

Eli Puerta

Organizational – life Coach & Certified KonMari™ Consultant​

I am a Certified Consultant of the KonMari™ Method of tidying up, a life & organizational coach, a mother, a wife, a friend, a happy person. I know I am a “little spark” that will support you and help you to illuminates / re-illuminates your own inner light in order to be able to find happiness, your true reason for being (Ikigai) and a good balance in your life. I also have the mission of inspiring and supporting other people to live a life full of happiness.

Well Being Organized by Eli Puerta

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“A place for everything” (In & Out)

An online program that will improve the well-being and order in your life

Get started today for just 67 € *

Well Being Organized by Eli Puerta - Academy

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