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The KonMari™ method has become not only an international trend but also a philosophy and way of living. The need of being organized and have less things in our homes and offices is increasing every day. The press is getting more and more interested about this subject not only because of the importance the audience is giving to it, but also for the impact is has in our society. Tidying up coaching and the KonMari method has becoming a life-changing reality that impacts a lot of people around the world, so the press is talking about it.

Pop M! Tv

Belgium TV show

They talk about the phenomenon of “tidying up” and the “Marie Kondo” technique and how learning to tidy up has become a trend.

Gael Magazine

Coaching to the singer “Alice on the Roof”

This Belgium famous magazine has invited Well Being Organized to do a tidying up & KonMari coaching to the well-known international singer: Alice on the Roof. Gael has written an extensive article with the impressions and experience from this Belgium singer.

Gaël magazine (July 2019 Paper edition N ° 369)

Well Being Organized by Eli Puerta

Les coaching d’Eli ont été présenté à la télévision, dans la presse écrite et dans les réseaux sociaux.


Well Being Organized