“Lead – me... to my Ikigai”

An online program to find or re-find your purpose in life

The current situation the whole world is going through has led us to rethink our lives, our jobs, our passions and to see things from a different point of view. This global crisis is a unique opportunity to:

Reinvent ourselves. Stop living that life that we are no longer passionate us and that no longer makes us vibrate.

To finally do what our heart, our soul and our body have been screaming at us silently for years.

Finally fulfil that dream that I we have since our childhood.

Vibrate with intensity

Shine with happiness

To adapt us to a new reality

Surely you have asked yourself the same questions thousands of times, at different times in your life: What am I here for? Why did I come to this world?, What is my purpose in this life?

Thanks to this online program you will find a unique guide that will help you find or rediscover your purpose, your reason for being, your “Ikigai”. You will be guided by a Life & Organizational Coach who will teach you the main sources where all the information you need to find your life purpose is stored and how to do to be able to live it fully in the current moment.

“Lead – me... to my Ikigai”

An online program to find or re-find your purpose in life

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For several years now, the whole world has wondered why certain populations in the world have a much higher standard of living than others and why they are happier. Such is the case of the population of the Japanese island of Okinawa. Several scientists took on the task of investigating where that longevity came from and discovered that it was directly related to the Ikigai (Purpose of life)

"Our Ikigai is different for each one of us, but we all have one thing in common and that is that we are looking for our true purpose in life"

Thanks to this online program you will be able to:


Are you ready to find your life purpose?

Ready to go your own way?

Do you want to vibrate, enlighten, be completely happy in all situations in life?

If the answer is yes, then this program is for you.

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See the Transformation

Learn to recognize the situations that lead you to fully live your purpose in life.

Lead – me… to my Ikigai” is an easy-to-follow online program that was created to accompany you and guide you in the pursuit of your own life purpose.

This online program has 7 modules: The Welcome module, where you will find the presentation and introduction of the program, 5 lesson modules where you will find the basic concepts of the “ikigai” methodology and finally the Evaluation Module.

You can access the WBO Academy anytime (and from anywhere) to log into the program online and follow the lessons at your own pace. The WBO Academy is an easy and simple online learning platform that has a place where you can leave your comments, questions, and request help when needed. You can also see your progress in the program and go back and forward to each video / lesson whenever you want.

Program Outline

Introductory video

Explanation about the origin of the Ikigai and the principles of having a life purpose.

Module 1: My abilities

Module 2: What I love

Module 3: My needs

Module 4: My finances

Module 5: My dark side


“Lead – me… to my Ikigai”

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97 €

Eli Puerta

Organizational – life Coach & Certified KonMari™ Consultant​

I am a Certified Consultant of the KonMari™ Method of tidying up, a life & organizational coach, a mother, a wife, a friend, a happy person. I know I am a “little spark” that will support you and help you to illuminates / re-illuminates your own inner light in order to be able to find happiness, your true reason for being (Ikigai) and a good balance in your life. I also have the mission of inspiring and supporting other people to live a life full of happiness.

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“Lead – me… to my Ikigai”

An online program to find or re-find your purpose in life

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